Kenny Dargon

Kenny Dargon


2:37 Fran time

405 all-time back squat PR


Crossfit Level 1&2 Certifications

About Coach

I grew up in Norwood MA where I attended Norwood High School. From there, I went on to attend Endicott College and received a Hospitality and Tourism Management degree as well as an MBA. While at Endicott, I was a member of the golf team for four years as well as the club hockey team. Upon graduating from Endicott, I joined Fidelity Investments and worked there for 7 years. Eventually, I decided to leave fidelity to pursue a more active career as a Crossfit coach. With my first exposure to CrossFit coming in 2011, I knew that it would make an immediate and positive impact on my life. I trained to be a part of the CFCM competition team and put forth all efforts to make myself a better CrossFit-er by improving all facets of my life. CrossFit quickly filled a void that I was so desperately looking for, which was a way to be competitive in a sport and do so in a team setting. The community is the true driving force behind what makes CrossFit so great. This was never more evident than when I and my wife lost our first newborn child 25 days after birth. At the darkest point in my life, it quickly became clear how special the CrossFit community is. I knew that CrossFit was more than just a workout or a way to get in shape, but also an outlet to deal with all of life’s ups and downs. Since being a coach at Centermass since 2013, I continue to form great relationships with people looking to achieve a common yet simple goal, to become healthier.

Turning Point

It's quite simple, I try to be better each and every day I step foot in the gym. This is two-fold, one as a coach and two as an athlete. A benefit of having done Crossfit since 2011 is I'm capable of creating internal challenges with myself. Whether it's a score from a previous workout or a barbell lift there is an endless amount of data to which I can compare myself to. Creating those challenges will be vital to each and every athlete's ability to better themselves day after day.

Motivation & Passion

I want to help each and every person that steps foot in this facility achieve their fitness goals. This will come in many different forms based on a number of factors, therefore, it's important to get to know them and understand what they want to achieve.

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