Andrea Swett

Andrea Swett


Movement I’m most proud of: dubs, because those took a bit

Workouts I’m proud of: qualifiers. Whether it’s the open, quarterfinals, or wodapalooza qualifiers always tend to push my limits, but I continue to give them my all.

I’m generally just proud of the fact that I continue to show up for myself week after week. No matter what the work week may throw at me, I still find time to get to the gym and work on something for myself, and connect with the community.





About Coach

I was always active growing up. Started with town league soccer, softball, and dance. Eventually, that turned into gymnastics, cheerleading, and track. Somewhere down the line, I decided to dedicate myself to track and field and continued throughout college. While in college, I set a few school records, (although they no longer stand), and won a few championship titles. Once my collegiate career came to an end, I stumbled into coaching. I absolutely enjoyed coaching and being a part of all the highs and lows that came with it. I enjoyed seeing my programming pay off for someone else, and their goals being realized. I poured myself into my team and would give them everything I could to help them succeed. At this point, I was no longer running and training like I used to, and I knew my competitive side needed an outlet. It had been recommended to me that I give CrossFit a try. I was hesitant at first, but I gave Centermass a try… after day one I was hooked, and here we are years later! Loving every experience and achievement that has come from my time here!

Turning Point

Like I eluded to before, I was always hesitant to start CrossFit. I had heard many negative things about it, and also doubted my ability to succeed at such an unfamiliar sport. I was very much in the “I need to get in shape before I start CF” mind frame. I felt I needed to learn more about Olympic lifting before I dare step foot in a box. There was just so much self-doubt surrounding trying something new that I might not be good at. But I think my turning point was about a month before my 30th birthday when I decided “if not now, when?” Without thinking twice I emailed Centermass staff and got started on a 7-day trial. I didn’t need those seven days to decide, all I needed was that first class, that one hour, to realize that it would take time to learn, but once I did, CrossFit was going to be the best hour of my day.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to bring something to each athlete’s day. Whether that be giving them a cue that finally sticks and improves a lift, helping them learn something new that helps them stick to their goals, or simply just being the first person to ask them how their day is going and genuinely care about their response. I just want to be part of the reason a member leaves the gym feeling better than when they walked in that day. My passion for coaching comes from seeing others overcome obstacles and watching them succeed.

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